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Foreign Policy & National Security

Ryan Zinke spent 23 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL and believes in peace through strength. America has a responsibility to assist our allies in times of need and carry out humanitarian aid missions. The worsening situation in the Middle East puts America at risk. Two priorities Rep. Zinke sees include stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and defeating and destroying ISIS by way of military force, diplomacy and humanitarian aid.  Airstrikes alone will not be effective. Congress must ensure American troops who are put in harms way are equipped with the tools, personnel, and rules of engagement to win and win decisively.

More on Foreign Policy & National Security

September 15, 2016 Press Release

As U.S. Confirms 2 More Gitmo Detainees Returned to Battlefield, Zinke Votes to Stop Transfer and Release of Terrorists

May 17, 2016 Press Release

Justice for Victims of Military Sexual Assault

Navy veteran Reps. Zinke and DeSantis introduce legislation to reform military JAG

May 11, 2016 Press Release

Zinke Disappointed with Air Force Decision to Slow Roll Helos Replacement for Malmstrom

April 7, 2016 Press Release

Zinke Slams Obama for Bait and Switch Refugee Resettlement Plan

Administration fast-tracks screening, increases refugees

March 23, 2016 Press Release

Reps Zinke & Kinzinger Introduce Bill Requiring Strategy to Defeat ISIS

March 22, 2016 Press Release

Zinke to Cavuto: Terrorists are not just people who pull the trigger

CONGRESS – In an interview with Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto today, Montana Congressman and retired U.S. Navy SEAL Commander, Ryan Zinke discussed the Brussels terrorist attack, why terrorist groups target certain targets at particular times, and why the attack was, sadly, not a surprise.  Watch the full interview here.

March 16, 2016 Press Release

Rep. Ryan Zinke Stands for Women Airforce Service Pilots

Montana has a strong WASP history

March 9, 2016 Press Release

Zinke Requests Funds to Acquire New Helicopters at Malmstrom 

February 23, 2016 Press Release

Navy SEAL Commander-Turned-Congressman Ryan Zinke  Slams Obama For Plan To Bring Terrorists To America

(WASHINGTON) February 23, 2016 – The following statement is from Montana Congressman and retired U.S. Navy SEAL Commander Ryan Zinke:

February 4, 2016 Press Release

Combat Veterans Zinke & Hunter Introduce Legislation Requiring Women To Register For Draft