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The federal government is too big and the bureaucracy is out of control. Rep. Zinke has introduced and voted for important legislation to hold government officials accountable. Whether it's the President of the United States, members of Congress, or bureaucrats at agencies like the EPA, BLM, and IRS, Rep. Zinke is dedicated to increasing accountability in government.


Agriculture is Montana's top industry, accounting for tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity. Rep. Zinke knows the power of the ag economy and has been a fighter for Montana ag since day one. Whether fighting for fair trade practices, against Waters of the U.S., or to restore crop insurance, Zinke is working hard for Montana ag in Congress. 

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Education and Opportunity

Congressman Zinke believes parents and communities know how to raise their children better than Washington, D.C., which is why he opposes common core. Zinke will remain committed to restoring parent and local school board control, and support families who chose to homeschool. Every child is different and has different needs and interests.


Congressman Ryan Zinke supports an all of the above energy policy which includes renewables, fossil fuels and alternative energy.  He is a strong advocate for American energy independence and reducing our reliance on foreign oil.

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Foreign Policy & National Security

Ryan Zinke spent 23 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL and believes in peace through strength. America has a responsibility to assist our allies in times of need and carry out humanitarian aid missions. The worsening situation in the Middle East puts America at risk. Two priorities Rep.

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Health Care

Congressman Zinke was sworn into office in January 2015 and immediately formed a Montana Healthcare Advisory Committee. This board of volunteers represents all areas of Montana healthcare including substance abuse, veterans care, rural/frontier care, and all-around healthcare reform. Rep. Zinke remains committed to repealing and replacing Obamacare with a patient-focused solution which truly drives down costs and improves access and affordability for Montana families and small businesses.


Congressman Zinke knows that infrastructure is not solely an expense, it's an investment in Montana's future. Rep. Zinke believes the highway bill is one of those ‘must-do’ bills because it supports such a huge part of our state and national economies. If we’re going to strengthen Montana’s businesses, we need reliable roads and highways.

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Jobs and Economic Growth

Congressman Zinke believes the federal government is too big and reaches too far into Montana small businesses. He is committed to reducing overreaching regulations on small business that have stifled our ability to prosper economically, and is fighting regulations brought on by the EPA and ObamaCare.

Native American

Montana is home to eight sovereign nations and Rep. Zinke proudly works alongside tribal governments to advance tribal legislative priorities. In his first term, Rep. Zinke secured a historic Committee vote to federally recognize the Little Shell Tribe.

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Natural Resources

In Montana, our land is our way of life: its beauty and bounty provide us with world-class recreation, hunting, fishing, natural resources, and economic activity. However, too often outside and special interests get in the way of us conserving our land, developing our resources, and growing our communities.

Public Lands

As a fifth generation Montanan, Ryan understand how important our public lands are to our local economies, communities, and more importantly, our very way of life. In Montana, our land IS our way of life. Our wealth of natural resources creates jobs, supports families, and promotes recreation.

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Tax Reform

Congressman Zinke supports real tax reform to make the tax code fairer, flatter and simpler for Montana families and small businesses. That's why he introduced the Indian Coal Production Tax Credit which was signed into law by the president, and why he voted to make the section 179 tax credits permanent.

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The Budget, Spending Cuts and Debt

Congressman Ryan Zinke is a fiscal conservative.

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Ryan Zinke is committed to keeping the promises made to those who have defended our nation.  He is a strong advocate for reforming the Veterans Administration in order to provide better care to our nation’s heroes.  One of the first pieces of legislation Ryan introduced in the House aimed to improve local healthcare opportunities for veterans living in rural areas.